Nevada has one of the most underfunded and regressive school funding formulas in the country. Despite funding gains in the 2015 Legislative session, Nevada schools are still grossly underfunded under the Nevada Plan, the funding formula that has gone virtually unchanged since its inception in 1967.

This level of underfunding deprives our public schools of the resources they need and is a major reason for poor student outcomes. Nevada’s neediest students suffer the most. Governor Brian Sandoval and legislative leaders acknowledge that Nevada’s school funding formula is outdated and inadequate and must be changed. In fact, studies commissioned by the Legislatures acknowledge that the funds made available to the state’s public schools are simply is not enough. Without a major overhaul of Nevada’s school funding mechanism and a serious commitment to increasing the resources available, the trend of poor performance in Nevada public schools will continue.

Educate Nevada Now is committed to ensuring all students have the opportunity to succeed in school, especially those who require additional resources to reach their potential, such as English language Learners, special education students, and students living in poverty. ENN will continue efforts to educate the community and legislators about the funding crisis in our state, and will take action to ensure Nevada’s school funding system meets the needs of all children.

School Finance Reform Goals:

• Increase the level of funding for Nevada public schools and ensure that taxpayers are seeing a return on investment

• Ensure that all teachers and children are supported so that they can reach their learning goals.

• Don’t leave vulnerable children behind, and work towards school finance that fully funds instructional needs of children who are special education, Gifted and Talented, and English Language Learner students

• Collaborate in developing a funding formula, that fully funds public education