School Finance Reform

Nevada has one of the most underfunded and regressive school funding formulas in the country. Despite funding gains in recent Legislative sessions, Nevada schools are still grossly underfunded under the Nevada Plan, the funding formula that has gone virtually unchanged since its inception in 1967.

Nevada’s School Voucher Case

Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts or vouchers provide parents public funds to attend private school with no restrictions based on income level, special education status, or other factors, meaning even wealthy families can receive subsidies. Voucher programs in the country have not had any proven results and in many cases have resulted in resegregation and worse student outcomes.

Equity Now Initiative

Adequate education funding is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to promoting quality schools that meet the needs of all Nevada children. Public school children – especially low-income, high needs, academically at-risk, special education and English language learner students – must be provided with an equitable opportunity to learn.