PMPS Coalition Supports Legislators Who Stand Strong Against Vouchers




Annette Magnus, Battle Born Progress,

Michelle Booth, Educate Nevada Now,

Chris Daly, Nevada State Education Association,

Holly Welborn, ACLU of Nevada,


Public Money Public Schools Coalition Supports Legislators Who Stand Strong Against Vouchers


Carson City – The Public Money Public Schools (PMPS) coalition would like to thank Assembly and Senate Democrats who have prioritized Nevada’s students and have stood strong against a voucher bill that discriminates and undermines the value of our public education.


With only a few days left in session, the tensions and stakes are high but Democrat lawmakers remain firm in their commitment to K-12 education and Nevada’s children.


“We thank the Democrats who continue to fight against vouchers when so many of their bills are being held hostage and threatened for their support of keeping public money in public schools,” said Annette Magnus, Battle Born Progress Executive Director. “We want them to know that we stand behind them on this issue, and we admire their conviction to do the right thing for the greater good of Nevada’s children. We will also continue to hold legislators accountable who are persistent in hijacking the state due to their failed attempt to implement a voucher scheme.”


With many of those same bills supported by coalition members, the coalition maintains that fighting vouchers continues to be the most important issue of the session.


“Put simply, this voucher scheme undermines the principles and values of our organization and that of our partners,” said Tod Story, ACLU of Nevada Executive Director. “We cannot, in good conscience, support any voucher program that undermines equal access to public education for every student regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, income, or religion.”


The PMPS coalition also urges Governor Brian Sandoval to respect the 2017 legislative process and approve the K-12 budget. The children of Nevada deserve better than to have the education budget hinging on partisan politics.


“The K-12 budget contains several important programs that stand to benefit our students and will have a direct impact in their future. Regardless of how one feels about vouchers and regardless of political affiliation, it’s hard to argue against the great potential the K-12 budget could have as we work to shape the New Nevada.” said Sylvia Lazos, Policy Director at Educate Nevada Now powered by The Rogers Foundation.


Several legislators reminded their colleagues that Nevada is still recovering from the recession and education funding is barely back to pre-recession levels.


“With so many unmet needs in our public schools, it would be unconscionable to spend any public dollars on private schools that benefit wealthier families,“ said Chris Daly from the Nevada State Educators Association. “Nevada ranks 47th in the country in per pupil funding. We need to focus on getting resources into classrooms that serve all Nevada students.”


The PMPS coalition will continue to support legislators who oppose vouchers, during this session, and through a special session or any other time thereafter if necessary.


About: The #PublicMoneyPublicSchools coalition includes Educate Nevada Now, the Nevada State Education Association, the ACLU of Nevada, and Battle Born Progress to demand that legislators invest in our public school students — not in vouchers.