A Valuable Education Begins With Preschool

There are few investments with greater returns for our children, families, communities, and our state’s economy than high quality early education.  With the 2017 Legislative Session fast approaching, lawmakers must be sure to include preschool funding as a top priority.  The benefits of investing in quality preschool programs are too important for Nevada to pass up.

A recent newsletter released by Educate Nevada Now details the importance of quality preschool programs, including the educational benefit specifically for low-income and English language learner students.  It also details why investing in quality early education is a good investment, with the National Conference of State Legislator’s describing preschool as an economic development strategy.  Students who attend preschool are more likely to earn more money, less likely to be arrested, and enjoy a higher quality of life.  Quality preschool sets our children up to have better lives, and those better lives translate into economic benefit for all of Nevada.

Learn more about the importance of quality preschool and what it would take to get Nevada on track for student and economic success.