Parent Engagement Leads to Student Success

Recently, hundreds of educators from across the state gathered at the Northwest Career & Technical Academy to attend the 2016 Nevada Family Engagement Summit.

Keynote speaker Dr. Steve Constantino defined family engagement as “the degree to which families are empowered to be involved in the educational and academic lives of their children, and the degree to which schools and school districts support necessary relationships to sustain the efficacy of parents in shaping their own child’s academic future.”

It has never been more important to focus on enhancing parental engagement in Nevada, and specifically Clark County, where parents will soon be playing a key role in the operation of their schools under the Clark County School District (CCSD) reorganization. Under the plan, each school will be governed by an organizational team made up of teachers, staff, principals, and parents. That means parents will be making recommendations about school budgets, improving student achievement, and even which principals to hire. Parent participation holds incredible promise and is central to the success of the reorganization.

ENN has been speaking to parents and learning more about why they participate at their schools, and why they may choose not to. Learn more  about the importance of parental engagement and strategies CCSD principals and staff can use to ensure strong participation at their schools’ organizational team.