Education overhaul Nevada needs requires revenue Nevada doesn’t have

By: April Corbin

What Nevada’s education system needs the most, it won’t be getting this legislative cycle.

What advocates have long wanted most is to see significant increases in funding. But despite bold, blue promises made by the eventual victors of the most recent election cycle, education advocates today have tapered expectations on what the 2019 Legislature will actually deliver.

Advocates suggest that, at best, lawmakers could draft a roadmap that gets the K-12 education system to adequate funding levels — eventually. At worst, lawmakers could force education groups to infight over the reslicing of a funding pie they have long been told is simply too small to feed everyone at the table.

“We’ve heard from the governor and Legislature there’s not going to be additional revenue,” says Michelle Booth, communications director at Educate Nevada Now, a Rogers Foundation-funded policy group. “It’s concerning, especially when it’s been proven time and time again that additional funds are needed.”

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