Crisis Highlights Significance Of Public Schools

Dear Readers,

While drastically changing our daily routines and livelihood, Covid-19 has had silver linings for public education advocates  (aside from being able to stay in our pajamas). It seems the country is now realizing the importance of educators and support professionals and how important it is for children to have a place to go to feel safe, get meals, and receive other critical supports.  We have now experienced how vital schools are to our children and community.

There are plenty of funny memes advocating for increased salaries for teachers (after parents experience how difficult a job it is), or showing parents going crazy from having kids home for days on end.  But in all seriousness, this crisis truly has highlighted the significant and valuable role of our public schools. Almost immediately, school administrators and food service workers put together plans to feed more than 400,000 students in Nevada while schools are closed. Custodians have been working hard sanitizing schools, teachers and administrators are putting together learning packages, payroll is still getting checks out to staff and everyone is scrambling trying to get a grasp on digital learning.

This process has not been easy for anyone. Educators are parents too, with kids at home making telecommuting just as difficult as it is for many of us. Teachers are fielding emails, and administrators are trying to figure out how to make sure students without access to technology or with unique needs don’t get left behind.  Staff is working hard to figure out what to do about the equity gap and making contingency plans for lost days without knowing how long this period will last and what resources will be available to help bounce back.


Nevadans as a whole are doing a great job Staying Home For Nevada and doing their part to flatten the curve. Nevada is being nationally recognized for its effective and quick action, due in large part to the strong leadership of Governor Sisolak and other state and community leaders.


This is a stressful time for everyone, but it has identified some of the unsung  heroes in our society who have stepped up in this moment of crisis.

When this crisis ends and we have a chance to reflect and recover, we must ensure that we prioritize our schools so that they are able to at least maintain the current resources our students receive. Our public schools were one of the public entities that suffered the most after our last recession. They are faced with uncertainty once again; it’s like our schools can’t seem to catch a break.

To our educators, school support professionals, food service workers, administrators and everyone else prioritizing our students – thank you!

We recognize your efforts and hard work. We’ve got your back and will continue to advocate for you and your students now and as we recover. We hope the community joins us in this effort.


The ENN Team

Below is a list of resources put together by local organizations to help Nevadans affected by the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis: 


Education Resources: 

Thank you to the Public Education Foundation for putting together this amazing page with education resources sorted by subject and grades.

Public Education Foundation Learning Resources


Sad you can’t make it to your local library? The Las Vegas Clark County Library District is providing free digital e-cards to access books and digital resources online.

For more click here:


Internet Access 


Cox Communications is offering free internet during the crisis followed by affordable wifi services through its Connect2Compete internet program that serves low income families.


For more information:



Food Resources: 

Clark County

Clark County School District put together a food resource page with pickup locations sorted by dates, times and restrictions.


Southern Nevada/ CCSD Food Distribution List


Northern Nevada

For a list of places to get food items in Northern Nevada click on this list put together by the Washoe County School District


Northern Nevada/ Washoe County School District Food Distribution List

 Rural school districts are also providing food resources and learning packets and instruction, please contact your individual school district for locations, dates and times.

General Resources

For a general resource list of services across Nevada please visit this comprehensive page put together by Battle Born Progress.

General Resources – English


For the list in Spanish, please click below

General Resources – Spanish