Budget Cuts For Our Schools – What It Means and How We Got There


Approximately $60 million — that’s  the budget deficit the Clark County School District recently announced it is facing this fiscal year.  CCSD is not alone.  Washoe County School District is facing a $13 million budget deficit with another $40 million in deficit looming.

What does this mean for students?  During last week’s board meeting the CCSD Board of Trustees approved what seemed to be a rushed schedule of budget cuts proposed by CCSD leadership with only a couple of hours notice.  These cuts include $14 million in cuts to school services,  another $17.3 in strategic budgets at schools, and  $11.8 million from central services. While rushed, the list of cuts and process is well detailed and transparent, the impact – not so much. See proposed cuts here.  State law does not allow school districts to operate in the red.

Here’s what the current cuts mean for students and parents: