2023 Legislative “Cheat Sheet”

Legislative “Cheat Sheet”

Coming very soon!

As we advance through Nevada’s 82nd legislative session, telling fact from fiction can seem impossible in the swirl of politics, misinformation, or just simple misunderstandings. This is doubly true when talking about school funding, an often complex and layered topic. But since investing in public education is investing in our future, it is worth understanding and having your voice heard.  ENN aims to provide a “cheat sheet” for our readers to cut through the soundbites and ensure you can better advocate for our students.


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Do you care about a bill being heard? Want to give your opinion on a proposed budget? Have an important perspective on a policy proposal? Don’t forget to contact your legislator. Find out you represents you here. They want to hear from you and our students are worth it.

Wednesday July 8, 2020

Be Involved!

Contact your legislator and urge them to:

  1. Minimize impact to K-12  public schools and our vulnerable communities.
  2. Commit to finding new stable revenue resources so these cuts do not remain permanent
  3. Prioritize K-12 schools and restore programs as funding becomes available.