Michelle Gorelow is a mother of two children, one in 5th grade and another in 7th grade. Both have attended Clark County public schools since Kindergarten. However, the schools in Mountain Edge are overcrowded and bursting at the seams. Wright Elementary, which both of Michelle’s children attended, is the most overcrowded school in the state.  Michelle’s family experienced firsthand how insufficient budgets impact children. 

Michelle writes, “My children may not be able to benefit from the reforms that the state is undertaking to ensure that there are more funds for public schools. Or from the new bond dollars that will enable Clark County to build new schools in Mountain’s Edge. The reason I am a plaintiff in the lawsuit and oppose vouchers is that I believe that public dollars should go to the public schools. Most children do not have access to a quality private school, and most parents want their kids to attend their local neighborhood public school. Clark County schools are struggling to provide for the needs of children in my neighborhood. Draining taxpayer dollars from tight public school budgets is not the solution.”